frequently asked questions

Q: What is an esthetician?

A: An esthetician is a “person devoted to, or professionally occupied with skin, health and beauty”. Esthetics is a “branch of anatomical science that deals with the overall health and well-being of the skin, the largest organ of the human body; from the Greek word, aesthetikos, meaning perceptible to the senses”.


Q: Do you offer massage?

A: Yes! I am only licensed to perform relaxing and Swedish massage under my esthetics license though. I am not licensed to perform any type of therapeutic or deep tissue massage and may refer you to a nearby LMT accordingly.


Q: What can I expect during a facial?

A: Before any service, you’ll come in and fill out some paperwork so that I can go over your skin and health history and check for any contraindications, while also deciding which products will work best for you. Once that is complete, you’ll get changed into a spa wrap and get settled on the facial table. I’ll begin with hot towels, steam (if necessary), analyze your skin, and begin the facial process. Each hour facial consists of: cleanse, second cleanse, exfoliation, facial massage, mask (neck, shoulder, arm, and hand massage while the mask processes), toner, lip and eye treatment, serum, and moisturizer with SPF. Every facial is different and is customized for each specific client and their needs at the time. I offer many add-on services as well, including galvanic current with LED, extractions, high frequency, and foot scrubs. 


Q: Where are you located?

A:  1214 Cherokee Ave in Seneca, Missouri. We are nestled between the library and the florist, and across from the post office. 


Q: Do you offer laser hair removal?

A: No. Laser hair removal must be performed at a medical spa or under the supervision of a medical doctor. 

Q: Does waxing hurt?

A: Waxing can be painful if not done correctly, or if the hair is very coarse and deep-rooted. Most waxing is fairly painless though. In the case of bikini waxing (or for those with lower pain tolerance or highly nervous first-time waxers), I offer a numbing cream free of charge to be applied 45 minutes prior to your appointment which cuts down pain response by around 80%. A post-waxing kit will also be sent home with you after your appointment to ensure that your skin heals as quickly as possible and also to cut back on ingrown hairs.


Q: What is brow and lash tinting?

A: Brow and lash tinting is a semi-permanent hair dye, safe to be applied near the eyes. There are multiple colors to best match each individuals’ needs, to darken and make the hairs appear thicker and “filled-in”. The tint stays on the hair for about 4 weeks, give or take a week, depending on the individual’s hair growth rate. The application process is simple, quick, and painless, being applied in a similar manner as makeup.

Q: How long does your hair need to be in order to be waxed?

A: Hair growth needs to be at least 1/4“ before waxing can be done or the length of a grain of rice. If the hair is any shorter, the wax will not be able to grip the hair in order to remove it. Hair longer than this is great, and if trimming is needed (which is rare), then that will be done at no extra charge. Hair growth rates varies from person to person, so an exact time frame is hard to give. If you are a regular waxer, the ideal time between waxes is 4 weeks, with no shaving in between. This allows for all of the hair to get on the same growth stage, providing you with a cleaner, easier wax.

Q: Do you offer gift certificates?

A: Yes! Gift Certificates can be purchased online or in person for any amount. You have the choice to customize a gift certificate by services, amount, or utilize a package deal.

Q: Do you offer eyelash extensions?

A: No. I don't enjoy doing lash extensions and feel it's best for me to leave it to the people who love it and excel at it. I am, however, in the process of trying to hire a lash artist to join my team! 

Q: How can I book an appointment? 

A: New and existing clients can book appointments online, either through Facebook or on our webpage by clicking the "Book Now" button at the top of the page. I recommend existing clients to book ahead for their next appointment with me directly before leaving the spa to ensure regular services. I am no longer able to take same day appointments, so I highly recommend booking in advance.